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Health & Safety Services Community Programs

Health and Safety Courses offered to the community help people to be safer, healthier and more self-reliant in the face of an emergency.  This results from various training programs such as CPR, First Aid, AED, Swimming, Lifeguarding, HIV/AIDS Education, Babysitter's Training and Pet First Aid.

First Aid, CPR and AED Courses
American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED programs are designed to help you learn — and retain — valuable lifesaving skills and knowledge.  We translate the consensus of medical science into practical, easy-to-understand information for the American public.

Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED programs are available for any age group and can be tailored to the needs of specific groups and individuals.  Whether you work with children, want training for employees, are a professional rescuer, or simply want to know how to help in an emergency, the American Red Cross has a program for you.

Swimming and Lifeguarding
Count on the American Red Cross for the best training on how to be safe in, on, and around the water!  The American Red Cross has been the leader in swimming and lifeguarding since 1914.  Now the winning tradition continues with an exciting new collection of courses designed to make learning easier and to help you benefit from the latest research on instructional techniques.  No matter what kind of training you need, we have a program to match.

Are you 15 years of age or older and looking for a great summer job or a challenging career?  American Red Cross Lifeguarding is the best place to start!  Lifeguarding puts you in an exciting position, working as part of a team to help people safely enjoy the water.  You could save a life too!

Lifeguarding will help you develop skills and experience that will be valued by colleges and future employers.  It's a great way to demonstrate what you can offer.  Colleges and employers look for applicants who can deal effectively with people, who have a take-charge attitude and who are willing to work to develop new skills.

What You Will Learn
American Red Cross training makes learning fun and easy.  Through classroom learning and hands-on practice, you'll learn:

  • Surveillance skills to help you recognize and prevent injuries.
  • Rescue skills - in the water and on land.
  • First aid training and professional rescuer CPR - to help you prepare for any emergency.
  • Professional lifeguard responsibilities like interacting with the public and addressing uncooperative patrons.

Learn to Swim Programs
There's something for everyone in the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program!  Seven levels of instruction help swimmers of all ages and abilities develop and refine their skills.  Instruction begins with the Infant and Preschool Aquatic Program where children as young as six months become comfortable in and around the water so that they are ready to learn to swim.  For participants who are ready to learn to swim, authorized Red Cross Water Safety Instructors teach a variety of strokes, including the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly.  Instructors also introduce a wide range of personal safety skills and diving techniques.  At more advanced levels, students refine skills, learn the basics of springboard diving, and discover how to incorporate swimming into a lifetime fitness regimen.  Learn to Swim is the most comprehensive and effective program of its kind available anywhere.

Adapted Aquatics Program
For over twenty-five years the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey has conducted Adapted Aquatics Programs in Hamilton Township.  The goal of the program is to teach individuals with disabilities the importance of safety, how to swim and especially have FUN!

Every year, volunteer instructors teach more than 50 individuals with disabilities how to swim.  The program provides participants with the opportunity to meet challenges, experience success, work with others, and become part of a social group.  Additionally, water exercise allows them to utilize muscles that prohibit their movement on land.  They are able to improve strength, coordination, and range of movement while having fun and learning how to swim.

Volunteers are needed for this program.  The prerequisites are minimal: Be friendly, be at least 15 years of age and know how to swim.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
The Red Cross, working in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, educates people on how to stop the transmission of HIV, encourages people to respond in informed ways to people who have HIV, and helps people apply the facts about HIV to their own behavior.  These goals are accomplished through our educational programs.

The various programs provide the opportunity to openly discuss the facts about HIV and AIDS and personalize the facts so they become more meaningful.  These programs encourage people to adopt prevention behaviors to protect themselves and others from HIV and can help people develop and practice skills that they can use in real life situations to protect themselves and others.  Our programs help people take steps to prevent the spread of HIV.

Mission Related Caregiving

Babysitter's Training - This very popular course gives 11-15 year-olds the knowledge, skills and confidence to care for infants and school-age children, combining videos, activities, hands-on skills training and discussion for the most complete learning experience.

Pet First Aid - American Red Cross pet first aid classes give cat and dog owners the skills necessary to tend to unexpected emergencies and to monitor their animals' health.  The classes allow pet owners to provide care until they can get their pet to a veterinarian.  Pet first aid teaches cat and dog owners how to respond to a wide range of animal emergencies, from dressing a wound to performing CPR to preparing for natural disasters.

Programs for Youth
The American Red Cross has compiled a series of courses that can be leader led.  With little or no training a school or nonprofit organization can purchase these materials and incorporate them into their programs.

First Aid for Children Today (F.A.C.T.) - The F.A.C.T. Critter Clan Family of multicultural animal characters leads children on a path of discovery.  Kids ages 5-8 learn about ways to be aware of dangers, how to prevent them, and how to respond to them if necessary.

Basic Aid Training (B.A.T.) introduces 8-12 year-olds to the emergency action steps, check, call, care and to first aid procedures.  An activity book with puzzles and games teaches children how to prevent injuries and what to do in an emergency.

Longfellow's WHALE Tales makes water safety for 5-12 year-olds fun and easy to learn!  Longfellow, the animated whale, appears throughout lesson plans, color posters, worksheets, activities, and a video to teach about safe behavior in and around water.

Act SMART helps young people make smart decisions and develop healthy behaviors to prevent HIV and AIDS and gain a sense of compassion for persons living with HIV or AIDS.  The curriculum is divided into three units: for ages 6 to 9, 10 to 13, and 14 to 17.

The Party - This video package provides HIV-prevention education materials for people ages 13 to 15.  The Party can help youth enhance their decision-making skills related to HIV prevention.  Issues raised include peer pressure, alcohol and drug use, sexual activity, and self-respect.

Home Alone - Home Alone teaches children important tips to keep themselves safe while they are home alone. This program gives students simple rules and procedures for responsible self-care.

Scrubby Bear - Scrubby Bear provides lessons in how to prevent germ and infectious disease transmission.  The program teaches children 5 to 8 about the importance of washing their hands to avoid being sick.

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