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Q. What are the benefits to donating to charity?
A. In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the Red Cross to do important work, there are tax benefits to making significant gifts.  For example, when you make a contribution of appreciated securities, you are eligible for a tax deduction and may be able to avoid paying capital gains tax.  Please call 609-951-8550 for further information.

Q. How do I know if this company/web site is legitimately affiliated with the Red Cross?
A.The American National Red Cross is aware that web sites and email campaigns have appeared directing donations to sites other than those authorized by us.  Currently, AOL Time Warner,, Wells Fargo Bank and Yahoo! Inc. are our major online donation partners.  We have established formal agreements with these sites collecting donations so as to ensure that all donations appropriately make their way to our organization, are properly acknowledged for tax purposes, and to express our deepest thanks for the generosity of the American public.  Any other sites or groups claiming to represent the Red Cross should be reported immediately.  If you have questions about the legitimacy of a web site, please email

Q. How can I organize a fund-raising drive in my community/company for disaster victims?
A. Many people ask how to organize a fund-raising drive at work and in their communities.  Here's how:

  • The Red Cross stresses that only checks should be collected.  This is best for each individual's security and for tax purposes.
  • Checks should be made out to the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey, 707 Alexander Road, Suite 101, Princeton, NJ 08540.
  • The Red Cross cannot issue any IDs or permits to anyone wishing to take up collections.  To do so requires a city permit that we don't have the authority to issue.  For company donations, employers can help by matching employee contributions.  This will double contribution efforts and encourage employees to give. Checks can be made out to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and sent to the Red Cross along with the company's donation.  Donations can also be made by calling 609-951-8550 or logging onto to our web site at

Q. How can I donate blood or organize a blood drive in NJ?
A. For information about donating blood or holding a blood drive, please call the Penn-Jersey Blood Services Center 215-451-4239.

Q. Can I donate real estate or a personal asset rather than cash or securities?
A. Yes!  Please visit our Real Estate & Personal Assets page.

Q. Does the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey accept donations of used vehicles?
A. Yes we do! For information on donating a used vehicle please call 1-877-332-7677 or visit our Car Donations page.

Q. I want to help raise money for a specific family that has been affected by disaster or tragedy, but I would like to do this through a charity so that I get a charitable deduction.  Can I make my gift through the Red Cross?
A. We applaud your desire to help a family at a difficult time, but unfortunately gifts for a specific family or person cannot be made through the Red Cross.  This is because we are committed to helping every family in need recover from emergencies by providing food, clothing, shelter and other essential services and supplies.  We provide help to each family based on need.  If we received special contributions for a specific family, that family might receive more assistance than others in similar circumstances, which would violate our principles of providing help equally to all who need it.

If you have more questions about donating, please contact us at 609-951-8550.


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